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What is a Birth Doula?

An individual that provides emotional and physical support to a pregnant parent. A doula doesn’t handle any medical tasks.

Benefits of a Birth Doula: Decreased labor time and birth interventions. Provides emotional, physical, and informational support to both parents. Encourages birth plans,  suggests labor positions to help ease labor. Provides parents with community resources. Assists with breastfeeding…latching etc.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

We assist with newborn care such as feeding, baby laundry, light housekeeping, meal prep and allow for parents to have personal care time. Parents can also use this time to spend with other siblings. We can adjust the assistance to your specific needs. Check out our great options. We offer postpartum care certificates that make great baby shower gifts for family and friends!

Doula vs. Midwife

Doulas do not provide medical advice or determine treatment options. Doulas do not implement any clinical task like vaginal exams, vitals signs or things of that nature. Doulas are there as advocates for you. To provide information and resources for your needs and concerns. Doulas provide continuous emotional and physical support throughout your journey. Midwives provide medical care, performs procedures like fetal monitoring, baby delivery, and vaginal exams. 

What areas do you offer service?

My services areas include: Tampa and Surrounding Areas, Brandon, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Dade City, Zephyrhills. Please contact us for other locations additional fees may apply for travel.

When should I seek out a doula?

The sooner you contact a doula the faster you can began to build a relationship with each other. The building of a relationship is very important to successful and peaceful birth experience. As a doula I want your connection to be one of trust, comfort, peace and empowerment. Additionally, you want to give yourself enough time to find someone with availability and not feel rushed to make a decision. However, even if you have a late start on your doula search,  the benefits are still there. I still provide the same amount of comfort and care.

Does the doula replace my partner?

As a doula, I am not there to replace your partner. I am there as additional support on your birth journey. I can help your partner with guidance on comfort and relaxation techniques. I can update family on your progress during labor and after. A doula’s goal is not to intrude  on your partner bond but magnify support. Doulas generally knowledge and experience on pregnancy analysis that may surpass your partner’s understanding. Doulas can help bridge the gap of information between you and the rest of your birth team. Doulas have a place all their own. A position of providing non-biased resources, support, respect, encouragement and most of all EMPOWERMENT.

Are there any payment plans available?

There are payment plans available. The initial non-refundable deposit must be paid on the day contract is signed to reserve birthdate . I am essentially taking myself off the calendar for you. The remainder of the balance can be paid  weekly or monthly with the reminder being paid by 36 weeks gestation. 

How can a Doula help with a Cesarean Birth?

We provide comfort to you pre-op.  If allowed( per hospital policy)  I can join you and your partner in the operating room. I can also be the support person if your partner decides not to come into the operating room. I can take photos (If permitted). I can talk you through the procedure from start to finish. I can advocate your wishes in relation to skin-skin support, delayed cord clamping, eye ointment etc. We will have discussed this prior to day of baby’s arrival. Once baby is born I can stay by your side while they get you prepared post op. Or I can follow baby and leave your partner at your side. I can also update family. Once you are post-op and settled I can help with optimal positioning for breastfeeding after cesarean birth.  I am there until you and family are ready for private bonding time.

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